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Hydrocyclones are preferred as they occupy less space and require less investment.  They are used unrivaled in almost all mineral processing plants, generally for the classification of fine grains of 100-5 microns. In addition to classification, hydrocyclones are successfully used in dewatering processes.

The new design Tufekcioglu hydrocyclones* have a steel body and a replaceable rubber lining.

Pulp feeding to hydrocyclones must be performed with a pump that provides the desired pressure in the range of 0.35-4 bars.

Since it is obligatory that air enters the hydrocyclone along the lower discharge axis and form an air corridor, there is no air corridor in very small lower outlet diameters or intense lower exits and the classification is definitely adversely affected. In a classification hydrocyclone that operates perfectly, the lower discharge should have an angle of 25-30 degrees.

*Patent application has been made.